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Statistics 101
Introductory Business Statistics (I)

Probability Distribution Simulations:
Binomial Distribution (select the Binomial Coin Experiment)
Galton Board Simulation of Binomial (select the Galton Board Experiment)
Normal distribution vs t-distribution
Normal, Gamma, Chi-square, Student-t, F, Beta, or Weibull (select the random variable experiment)
Distribution of a sample proportion (select the Proportion experiment)
Normal approximation to the binomial distribution.

Sampling Distributions:
Sampling distribution simulation (Central Limit Theorem)

Confidence Intervals:
Confidence Intervals for the Population Mean
Confidence Interval for a Population Proportion.
Roll some dice to see the observed probability distribution

Glossary: click on "Probability Value" for definition, then click for more info.
What is a P-value?
Common misinterpretation of P-values
Another page on P-values

Miscellaneous statistics demonstrations:
Flip a coin
Play the Monty Hall Game
Practice judging the correlation between two continuous variables.
Correlation and Scatterplots
Interactive Correlation
Interactive Least Squares Line
Another Interactive Least Squares Line
Color distribution in M&Ms
How common is your name?

Commentary on Statistics in the Recent News