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  José R. Zubizarreta

  PhD student, Department of Statistics
  The Wharton School
  University of Pennsylvania
  3730 Walnut Street, 431-3 JMHH
  Philadelphia, PA 19104-6340
  Phone: 215-573-6124
  Email: josezubi "ta" wharton "tod" upenn "tod" edu


Ph.D. student Statistics, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
M.A. Statistics, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, 2011
M.A. Economics, Universidad de Chile, 2008
B.S. Mathematical Engineering, Universidad Católica de Chile, 2005 (Maximum Distinction)


J. R. Zubizarreta (2012), Using Mixed Integer Programming for Matching in an Observational Study of Kidney Failure after Surgery, Journal of the American Statistical Association, in press. *Download*

J. R. Zubizarreta, M. D. Neuman, J. H. Silber, and P. R. Rosenbaum (2012), Contrasting Evidence Within and Between Institutions that Supply Treatment in an Observational Study of Alternative Forms of Anesthesia, Journal of the American Statistical Association, in press. *Download*

J. R. Zubizarreta, D. S. Small, N. K. Goyal, S. A. Lorch, and P. R. Rosenbaum (2012), Stronger Instruments Via Integer Programming in an Observational Study of Late Preterm Birth Outcomes, Annals of Applied Statistics, in press. *Download*

J. R. Zubizarreta, M. Cerdá, and P. R. Rosenbaum (2012), Designing an Observational Study to be Less Sensitive to Unmeasured Biases: Effect of the 2010 Chilean Earthquake on Posttraumatic Stress, Epidemiology, in press. *Download*

N. K. Goyal, J. R. Zubizarreta, D. S. Small, and S. A. Lorch (2012), Length of Stay and Readmission Among Late Preterm Infants: An Instrumental Variable Approach, Hospital Pediatrics, in press.

R. R. Kelz, C. E. Reinke, J. R. Zubizarreta, M. Wang, P. Saynisch, O. Even-Shoshan, P. P. Reese, L. A. Fleisher, J. H. Silber (2012), Acute Kidney Injury, Renal Function, and the Elderly Obese Surgical Patient: A Matched Case-Control Study, Annals of Surgery, in press.

C. E. Reinke, R. R. Kelz, J. R. Zubizarreta, M. Lanyu, P. Saynisch, O. Even-Shoshan, L. A. Fleisher, J. H. Silber (2012), Obesity and Readmission in Elderly Surgical Patients, Surgery, 152(3):355-362. *Download*

J. R. Zubizarreta, C. E. Reinke, R. R. Kelz, J. H. Silber, P. R. Rosenbaum (2011), Matching for Several Sparse Nominal Variables in a Case-Control Study of Readmission Following Surgery, The American Statistician, 65(4):229-238. *Download*


mipmatch: R package for optimal matching in observational studies using mixed integer programming. By solving a mixed integer programming problem, mipmatch directly balances multiple features of the empirical distributions of the observed covariates; for example: differences in univariate moments between the treated units and matched controls, such as means, variances and skewness; differences in multivariate moments, such as correlations; differences in quantiles; and differences in statistics, such as the Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistics. While balancing several of these measures, mipmatch can also impose constraints for exact and near-exact matching, and fine and near-fine balance for more than one nominal covariate. mipmatch makes use of IBM’s optimization software CPLEX through its R interface Rcplex.

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Fulbright Scholarship, 2008-2012

Wharton Doctoral Fellowship, 2009-2013


Statistics in Epidemiology Young Investigator Award, 2012 (awarded by the American Statistical Association section on Statistics in Epidemiology to attend to the Joint Statistical Meetings)

President Gutmann Leadership Award, 2012 (awarded by GAPSA, President Amy Gutmann and the Carnegie Foundation for travel funding)

Tom R. Ten Have Memorial Award, 2011 (for best poster presentation at the Atlantic Causal Inference Conference)

J. Parker Memorial Bursk Prize, 2011 (awarded by the Statistics Department at The Wharton School for excellence in research)

HPSS Student Paper Award, 2011 (awarded by the Health Policy and Statistics Section of the American Statistical Association to attend to the Joint Statistical Meetings)


Penn Lauder Ciber Research Grant, 2012 (awarded by The Joseph H. Lauder Institute of Management and International Studies for dissertation research)

Educational Outcomes of the Children of the Poor: the Chilean Case, 2008 (awarded by the United Nations Development Plan to write a background paper for the Human Development Report 2008/2009 for Latin America and the Caribbean)