Software  (R software with no guarantees)

senstrat (R package at cran)

Two R Packages for Sensitivity Analysis in Observational Studies

sensitivitymult (R package at cran)

sensitivitymv (R package at cran)

    sensitivitymw (Rpackage at cran)

    sensitivityfull (Rpackage at cran)

    sensitivity2x2xk (Rpackage at cran)

    exteriorMatch (Rpackage at cran)

"A new u-statistic..." Biometrics 2011  R-Session (Supplement 2):  txt.document

Match Functions from Design of Observational Studies   R workspace

Selected Data Sets from Design of Observational Studies     R workspace

Appendix 3.9 from Design of Observational Studies    R workspace

Software supplement to "Imposing minimax constraints..."  pdf   aamatch package local files  zip   tar.gz 

Suggested R Packages for Matching

Ben Hanson's optmatch (at cran)

Sam Pimentel's rcbalance (at cran)

Bo Lu, Robert Greevy, Xinyi Xu and Cole Beck's nbpMatching (at cran)

Dan Yang's finebalance package (archived but working at cran)

Jose Zubizarreta's mipmatch and designmatch (requires special installation)  

Adaptive sensitivity analysis

Dylan Small's  SensitivityCaseControl (at cran) including adaptive.noether.brown