... An Honors and Graduate Course at Wharton

Course Policies

House Keeping

  • Please no food.
  • Coffee, water, etc. is OK.
  • Please no open laptop, or cell phone activity.
  • Please be attentive to timeliness. Class starts a 10:30 sharp. Ends at 11:50 sharp.
  • If you miss a class, do contact a fellow classmate for the notes.
  • Readings and Homework assigments will be posted on the blog page.
  • It is expected that all assigments will be handed in when due.

Processes and Procedures:

Concerning grading: Please see the official syllabus for the percentage values for the homework, midterm and final.

Your homework is expected to be your individual work. If you have made a serious effort on a problem and you are still stuck, you can get help from our TA. You can also discuss problems with other students, but please do not abuse this flexibility.