... A Course for Ph.D. Students

Course Policies

House Keeping

  • Please no food, but coffee, water, etc. is OK.
  • Please no open laptop, or cell phone activity. I need your attention to keep mine.
  • Please be attentive to timeliness. Classes will always begin and end on schedule.
  • Readings and Homework assignments will be posted on the blog page. Please be careful about due dates.


Homework is an essential part of our course. Here are my expectations:

  • Homework is due when it is due. If you have been unable to complete the homework, please just hand in what you have been able to do.
  • Homework presentation deserves some professionalism. Your pages should be stapled with a high-quality stapler. Your problems should be in order, and the solutions should be neatly written.
  • Homework should be 80% or more your individual work, but some discussion and collaboration is acceptable. If you and a friend worked out a problem together, please say so on your HW solution.
  • If you have made a serious effort on a problem and you are still stuck, you can get help from our TA.
  • One of the ways that students can get in trouble is to forget that it is MUCH easier for two people to solve a problem than for one person to solve a problem.
  • After the first five (or so) homeworks assignments they must be done in Latex. This is a valuable life skill and it actually adds to the learning experience.
  • Please be keenly aware of the policies of the University of Pennsylvania on Academic Integrity.