Code Purple: JSN, MO, PPL

Consider this no-brain strategy for JSN: buying on anouncement day and selling on either ex-dividend day or the day before, looks like it has always picked up a quarter (after expenses and slippage). This is more than 1% over 5 five days. You get to do this 12 times a year, and you are only in the market a sixth of the time. The down side is that you probably can't do this for more than a few thousand shares. Has the information on declaration and dividend dates.

Take a look a this with BigCharts --- the story may have changed since I last looked.

MO Dividend Capture Strategy Hedged.

What is nice about CEFs like Nuveen is that there is no institutional ownership and not much hedging or portfolio consideration --- except by Nuveen "near insiders" and or boutiques that may have it on the idea of Nuveen games.

PPL A Leveraged Junk Bond Funds with a 5% Expense Ratio