Leisure Time

"To be able to fill leisure intelligently is the best product of civilization." --- Bertrand Russell

Literature of Leisure?

Leisure is surely a topic that has been studied by cultural historians, and it would be amusing to browse through what they have observed. This page is much less ambitious.

For the moment at least it simply collects a few quotes and quips that seem to contribute to the conversation about "work and leisure."

You can tell you've got a great job if you can't tell these apart.

Writing --- Production or Consumption?

"... the obligation of patronage has lagged behind the dream of creation: Poetry Magazine, with only 11,000 subscribers, receives 90,000 submissions a year." --- Ed Tenner in "So Many Books, So Few Readers"

Education --- Production or Consumption?

“Education isn't everything; for a start it isn't an elephant.” --- Spike Milligan. Well, this isn't perfectly apt, but it has a head-snapping charm that earns mention someplace, so why not here?

Web Work --- Production or Consumption?

"A convention for blogging is like a convention for... I dunno, handwriting. Or cassette tape recording," --- John Kusch

Liquor --- Clearly Consumption ...

"You can tell German wine from vinegar by the label." ---Mark Twain

"The advantage of Tequila over Whisky is that if something is poisonous it should taste like it is poisonous." --- JMS (2006)


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