Mausoleum of "Deleted Rants"

Everything below amused me at some point and may amuse me again in the future.

That is why these "deleted rants" have not really been delete, just demoted to near invisibility. Some of these may yet grow into something worthwhile, though the odds are fading.


The Mother Load of (Deleted) Rants --- Bird Flu Economics

Over the summer of 2006, my cause celeb for rants was the possibility (certainty?!) of an H5N1 Pandemic, and, In this instance, my little essays come closer to the definition of rant.

Still, nothing angry here, mostly just bemused. The vision I have is of a lion waiting in tall grass.

After some soul searching, I started up a blog Bird Flu Economics. For a while the new blog did decently in the search engine war for eyeballs. For example, if you Googled "Bird Flu Economics" it came up 'above the fold' --- just after CNN. Still, after classes of Fall '06 began, I posted rather infrequently, though the topic never flagged in its importance.

Anyway, here are the brief pieces that started my involvement with the bird flu blogging. Some, but not all, of this material has migrated to Bird Flu Economics.

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