Weijie Su


I am an Associate Professor in the Wharton Statistics and Data Science Department and, by courtesy, in the Department of Computer and Information Science, at the University of Pennsylvania. I serve as a co-director of the Penn Research in Machine Learning Center. I obtained my Ph.D. from Stanford University in 2016 and received my bachelor's degrees in mathematics and economics from Peking University in 2011.

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Office: 411 Academic Research Building
265 South 37th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Email: suw AT wharton DOT upenn DOT edu

Recent News

  • Paper1 and Paper2 introduce a truthful mechanism for eliciting information from an ‘oracle owner’ for better estimation.

    • This method, referred to as the Isotonic Mechanism, was recently experimented at ICML 2023 via OpenRank.

    • Our new paper shows that the Isotonic Mechanism can handle review scores with variances depending on means.

    • This new paper extends the Isotonic Mechanism to the setting of multiple coauthors.

  • Our new paper introduces a simple model that sheds light on how implicit regularization, information bottleneck, and local elasticity arise simultaneously in deep learning.