Stat 540 Spring 1999.

Homework 1

Due: 21 January by 5:00pm.


Make a skeleton homepage written in HTML. You can use my skeleton file as a template. It should be named index.html and reside in your public_html directory. It doesn't have to contain any links yet, but it should at least have a line describing who you are and what you do. You will add to this page over the course of the semester.


Create the hello_world form and CGI perl script. Create a Stat540s99 subdirectory under the public_html directory. Create a cgi-bin subdirectory under the public_html directory. Place the HTML form file in the Stat540s99 directory. Call it homework01.html. Place the perl script in the cgi-bin directory. Call it Make sure that the perl script is executable by the server. This is done by typing
chmod a+x
I should be able to run your perl script. Your grade depends on it.


Read Chapter 1 of Programming Perl (even if it doesn't all make sense).