STATISTICS 961, Fall Semester 2019, Course Web Page

Homework Assignments:

General honor code: You may discuss the problems with each other in general terms, but you must write your own solution. All sources, including friends and colleagues, must be cited. It is important to get used to a stringent code of conduct in scientific writing. On the other hand, use commonsense and attribute where honesty requires it. Two points worth special mention:
*** If you received an extension for a homework, do not consult posted solutions.
*** An offense would be consulting solutions of homeworks from previous years.
*** An exception is with regard to LaTex and English language help: Avail yourself to as much as you need from whichever source.

Course Materials:


R Functions:

IMPORTANT: If a function in the class notes does not work or is not found in your R session, check whether the function is in one of the R code files below. If so, download and read the file into R one more time, even if you thought you had done so earlier. I allow myself to update the code all the time.

Background Papers:

Syllabus STAT 961