Background For March 26

On Wednesday March 26 Jonathan Reiss will be our guest lecturer in Stat 956. Jonathan is CEO of Analytical Synthesis, a financial service firm with a difference.

Analytical Synthesis Mission Statement

"Our goal is to use our financial understanding and perspective to improve society. We focus on practical financial problems and work to create innovative products or strategies that will improve the well being of individuals, organizations and governments. Our goal of well being encompasses improvements to both the overall level and fairness of wealth.

We recognize that uncertainty is inevitable. Therefore, we try to use methods that are open, flexible and correctable. We will always strive to value diverse ideas and to present balanced perspectives. We actively seek opportunities to collaborate with organizations with similar goals."


Jonathan has been in the financial services industry since graduating from MIT, and was a partner at Sanford Bernstein (now Alliance/Bernstein) before starting his own firm.

Throughout his career his efforts have focused on quantitative methods --- for equities, fixed income and alternative investments. Analytical Synthesis is now the largest market maker for the US Housing Futures.


Jonathan will be happy to engage us in a wide ranging conversation, but one issue he would like to discuss concerns portfolio decision making at The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.

What Else?

Jonathan has extensive experience with futures markets, currency trading, and foreign fixed income investing. I know that some of you have interests in these areas, and you may want to come prepared to take advantage of Jonathan's visit to get real-world answers to your questions.

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