CSMC: Typos and Uh-Ohs

Books without typos ...

Larry Shepp once said: "Show me a mathematical book that does not contain errors, and I will show you a book that has never been read."

The CSMC has been blessed with legions (well, maybe small legions) of readers at all stages of their mathematical carreers. Accordingly, they have found --- and continue to find --- typos, and even (shudder!) genuine mistakes.

For a while, I kept a well-organized list, although now the list of errata needs to be reorganized. In particular, I need to incorporate the list from Byron Schmuland, the list from Kenneth Lange and two items from Hoaran Chen ( typos and a comment on Ex. 6.8 ).

Thankfully, most --- but not all --- of the items are cosmetic. Still, if you find a further typo (even a cosmetic one), please let me know. It is always a delight to hear from readers.

Also, there won't be a second edition for many years.


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