CSMC: Typos and Uh-Ohs

Books without typos ...

Larry Shepp once said: "Show me a mathematical book that does not contain errors, and I will show you a book that has never been read." About this and so many other things, Larry is right.

The CSMC has been blessed with legions (well, maybe small legions) of readers at all stages of their mathematical carreers. Accordingly, they have found --- and continue to find --- typos, and even (shudder!) genuine mistakes.

For a while, I kept a well-organized list, although now the list of errata needs to be reorganized. In particular, I need to incorporate the list from Byron Schmuland and the recently arrived list from Kenneth Lange.

Thankfully, most --- but not all --- of the items are cosmetic. Still, if you find a further typo (even a cosmetic one), please let me know. It is always a delight to hear from readers.

Also, there won't be a second edition for many years.


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