Web World

"Blink author Malcolm Gladwell also made friends by calling bloggers parasites who feed on newspapers to survive." ---- Robyn Tippins in her summary of notable events at Blogger Con IV

Incidentally, venture capitalist David Cowan has a scathing review: Blink: The Nonsense of Thinking without Thinking.

I am embarrassed to confess that when I read Blink its vacuity did not make itself immediately present. Gladwell's prose is highly professional and I was lulled into a moment of suspended belief.

In retrospect, I should have had more of my wits about me. The thesis of Blink is deeply and dangerously flawed.

"I imagine most of that stuff on the information highway is roadkill anyway." ---John Updike (1994), via Jonathan Borwein.

"From the crown of its cranium to the tips of its Ruby-slippered toes, A List Apart 4.0 is both old and new. Old in its mission to help people who make websites see farther and jump higher. New in its design, structure, publishing system, and brand extensions." --- candidate for the most charming new-version announcement.

"In cyberspace, people become places." Geoff Ryman, author of the interactive cyber novel 253. This is one of the most widely duplicated quotes on the web, but its truth is more amplified every day by social networking sites (myspace, uTube, 43Things, etc.)