Statistics 603

Pre-term, 2001

Dr. Robert Stine


Local things of interest

Class lecture notes
I use these PDF files as outlines of the material covered in class.

Further notes that explain in more detail some of the underlying calculations are available from the central course web page which is common to all three sections. Please use this feedback form to offer comments on any of the classes.

  1. Data, Variation and Uncertainty
    Nabisco offers a related web site with some background on the products considered in class.

  2. Statistical Summaries
    The cookie data from last year provide a basis for some comparisons; have the chip counts changed from last year?

    This jmp file has the GMAT data for the class of 1994 as well as for the more recent class of 1998.

  3. Probability Models
    We will make use of these 'scripts' to ease some of the calculations:

  4. Standard Error

  5. Decision Making

  6. Decision Making and Tests

  7. Statistical Tests
    This class will expand on the introduction to tests that was covered in wrapping up our discussion of optimal pricing. If we have some time, we'll compare GMAT scores using this expanded set of GMAT scores.

  8. Confidence Intervals
    This jmp file has the GMAT data for the class of 1994 as well as for the more recent class of 1998. Its a good basis for a quick review of testing. For some additional practice, we'll use this credit card data for confidence intervals.

  9. Variance and Volatility

  10. Covariance and Portfolios
    One last try. Here's a text version of the GMAT data that we can use to review tests and confidence intervals. We will begin with a review of the dice experiment, using the class results as well as a JMP file that does a simulation of the experiment.

  11. Beta

Data sets from the casebook
You can get the data for the Basic Business Statistics casebook examples either as a single zip file or as individual JMP files from this link.

Frequently asked questions
I will collect popular questions that I get from you during office hours or via e-mail.