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Some counterclaims undermine themselves in observational studies

Large sparse optimal matching with refined covariate balance

Constructed second control groups and attenuation of unmeasured biases

Bahadur efficiency of sensitivity analyses in observational studies

How to see more in observational studies       Isolation in the construction of natural experiments              

Weighted m-statistics with superior design sensitivity      Testing the validity of an instrumental variable

Template matching   Matching for balance, pairing for heterogeneity

Clustered treatment assignment      Case definition and design sensitivity  Earthquake   Effect modification 

 Sparse nominal covariates   Building a stronger IV  

  Stronger IV  Multiple controls and design sensitivity  Using the exterior match   Using differential effects       

Interference in fMRI   Contrast evidence within/between   Testing one hypthesis twice in observational studies

An exact, adaptive test with superior design sensitivity

Optimal matching of an optimal subset in observational studies

Optimal matching with minimal deviation from fine balance

A New U-statistic with Superior Design Sensitivity in Observational Studies

Some Approximate Evidence Factors in Observational Studies

Using Split Samples and Evidence Factors

Sparse nominal covariates   Building a stronger IV

Using the CrossMatch Test to Appraise Covariate Balance in Matched Pairs

Design Sensitivity and Efficiency in Observational Studies

Evidence Factors in Observational Studies

Amplification of Sensitivity Analysis

Split Samples and Design Sensitivity in Observational Studies

Sensitivity analysis for equivalence and difference

Error-Free Milestones in Error-Prone Measurements

Testing hypotheses in order                      Tapered Matching

Aberrant Effects of Treatment                 Group Randomized Experiments

Uncommon but dramatic treatment effects

Minimum Distance Matched Sampling with Fine Balance

Interference Between Units in Randomized Experiments

Sensitivity Analysis for m-estimates

War and Wages                        Quality of Life

Differential Effects and Generic Biases in Observational Studies

GMM vs R-estimation: A Theoretical Case Study of Validity and Efficiency

Exact, Distribution-Free Multivariate Test Based on Adjacency

Dose Errors    Case^2 Studies   Heterogeneity and Causality   Robust, Accurate IV

Design Sensitivity in Observational Studies         The Case-Only Odds Ratio as a Causal Parameter

Randomization Inference with Imperfect Compliance  Matching with Two Control Groups  

Optimal Matching Before Randomization       Exact Confidence Intervals for Nonconstant Effects

Does a Dose Response Relationship Reduce Sensitivity to Hidden Bias?

Covariance Adjustment in Randomized Experiments and Observational Studies

Attributing Effects to Treatment in Matched Observational Studies

Effects Attributable to Treatment  Matching with Doses   Balanced Risk Set Matching 

Stability in the Absence of Treatment   Matching and Thick Description

Asymptotic Separability in Sensitivity Analysis