R is an open source (free!) implementation of the S Statistical Language.

At the base level it is substantially compatible with S, but at the level of contributed functions (where we often work), R often diverges from S --- in its detail, if not in its spirit.

There are pros and cons concerning R and S-plus

How to Get and Use R

R-Project.org is the central source for obtaining and learning about R. It provides the code, manuals, and links to a community.

This site also provides information about R packages (which are a dream to load using the R interface).

How to Get and Use rMetrics

The rMetrics homepage provides you the code and information you need to use rMetrics.

Some Books and Papers that Introduce or Review R

Quote of the Day

When asked whether they prefer S-plus or R, eighty percent of the crew of a pirate ship flying the Jolly Roger replied, "Ahrr, Ahrr, Ahrr."

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