Midterm Information (Fall 2010)

Copy of the Fall 2010 Midterm.

Information about the Midterm that was posted before the midterm.

Justin prepared a list of topics that have been covered so far in the course and which form the subject matter for the midterm.

Prelimnary Instructions:

"On the midterm, you will have one multi-part question that just requires you to state either definintions, theorems, or facts. The other questions are problems that require you to demonstrated an honest knowledge of the results and techniques of the course material. These are "proofs" but all but one follow the patterns of proof that we have used in class on one (or more!) occasions.

"There are no "hard" calculations required --- if you understand the material covered so far and you don't somehow confuse yourself. You may well "finish" the exam in half of the time available. In this case, I encourage you to loook back over your work and make sure everything is water tight.

"As promised, here are the instructions for the midterm:

"The Midterm also has a final paragraph of advice:

"Check your work. Did you use the hypotheses? At any place did
you accidentally assume more that was given? For each of the problems (except the first) you can give a 100% correct proof on about one-half of one blue book page --- certainly one blue book page should suce. If there is some technical issue that is bothering you, it probably should not --- perhaps you need another plan. If you are worried about a technical point, you can make a note about what is worrying you and then return to that point later if you have time." "

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