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Course Blog Fall 2014

Midterm Exam: Monday, November 10 (Class Time)

This is super-advanced notice of our midterm exam. I will give more details about the exam as the time gets closer, but the short version of the plan is that it should be about factual knowledge not about cleverness or problem solving. Those skills are left for the homeworks and the take home final. Since the midterm exam is about knowledge, no notes are premitted. The exam will count, but it will not count too heavily. It will have a 10% weight in the total grade. Full Discloser: I will be at the INFORMS annual meeting for the most of the week of Novermber 10. There will be no class on November 12.

Day 1. Getting Right to Work

We will go over the plan for the course and then get right to work. The main idea is independence, and some simple questions lead to the need for some new tools. We'll also meet two of our most constant companions: the two Borel Cantelli lemmas. We'll give proofs of these, and then start looking at applications. In the course of events, you will be reminded of various ideas from real analysis, especially limsup and liminf.

Homework No. 1 is due on Wednesday September 3.

This website is the place where one checks in to find the current homework and all of the additional information about our course, including periodic postings of supplemental material.

You can to look at the course syllabus for general information about the course as well as information about grading, homework, the midterm, and the final exam.

Please do review the course policies. I count participants to read and follow these policies. They are quite resonable, and it is awkward to have to single out an individual for not following our few rule.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about the suitability of the course for you. In general the course will only be appropriate if you have had a solid background in real analysis, preferably at the graduate level.