Follow the links below to get the the home pages for the courses that I teach in the Wharton MBA program.

Welcome to Wharton sample
This is a sample lecture, related to topics that we cover in Statistics 603 during the August pre-term. The data sets used in this sample are:

Statistics 603
This is the August pre-term course. It covers basic descriptive statistics and the foundations for statisical inference (standard error and confidence intervals.

Statistics 604
This is the accelerated version of Statistics 603. Same content, but covered more quickly. It is also taught during the August pre-term.

Statistics 608
This is the waiver preparation course taught the last week of the August pre-term. It covers the material of Statistics 621.

Statistics 621
This is the required statistics course that covers regression analysis and related ideas (analysis of variance and logistic regression. It is taught during the first half of the fall semester (Q1).