Papers and Talks: Richard Waterman



This set of four papers are co-authored with Bruce Lindsay.

  • The accuracy of projected score methods in approximating conditional scores.
  • Projected scores for nuisance parameters: Asymptotics and Neyman-Scott problems.
  • A simple and accurate method for approximate conditional inference in the linear exponential family.
  • Second order information loss due to nuisance parameters: A simple measure.


      Chapel Hill June 1994

      Exeter July 1994

      Warsaw November 1994

      Birmingham March 1995

      Aussois September 1995

      Lankenau November 1995

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      Michigan Biostat February 1996

      Athens, Georgia March 1996

      Orvieto July 1996

      Penn State April 1997.

      Montreal September 1997. This is a talk about using the web for statistics.


    Ph.D. thesis