Statistics 102

Spring Semester, 2000

Dr. Robert Stine


Other materials (including the syllabus and assignments) are available from the class web page.

For the datasets from the regression casebook, go to this link.

Supplemental Handouts

Extra handouts, including some JMP files.

  1. Class survey data
    Analysis of survey data
  2. Power curve JMP file
  3. ROC curve JMP file
  4. Paired testing handout (computer retail advertising)
    Software Ads jmp file
  5. Summary of one and two-sample tests

  6. Claimed color percentages for M&Ms (Does not load on some systems!)
  7. M&Ms JMP data file
  8. Example of chi-square data file Illustrates the use of JMP-IN to compute chi-square values from tables.
  9. Mon (March 6): One-way analysis of variance
  10. Wed (March 8): Using one-way anova (Mileage comparison JMP data )
  11. Mon (March 20): Two-way anova with some review of one-way (Web page experiment JMP data )
  12. Wed (March 22): Using two-way anova with a sample of test flight data
  13. Mon (March 27): Introduction to regression
  14. Wed (March 29): Introduction to inference in regression
  15. Mon (April 3): Review for second midterm
  16. Wed (April 5): Beta and regression
    This example introduces the notion of 'beta' as used in finance. Interpret the results of the calculations with a bit of common sense, as we have not taken into account the cost of borrowing or transactions.
  17. Mon (April 10): Prediction and outliers in regression
  18. Wed (April 12): Introduction to multiple regression
    A reading for this class covers an automobile design case .
  19. Mon (April 17): Multiple regression and collinearity.
  20. Wed (April 19): Categorical variables in regression.
  21. Mon (April 24): Categorical variables, continued
  22. Wed (April 26): Summary regression modeling
  23. Mon (May 8): Review